Cumbia Tokeson


Cumbia Tokeson is a forward-thinking take on cumbia. The band fuses Peruvian chicha, rooted in 70s guitar and psychedelia, mixing grooves of Colombian cumbia and rock with guitar-driven melodies, while adding reggae, funk, punk and a touch of southern Mexico's son jarocho. Definitely sweat-inducing dance music! Cumbia Tokeson continues to build their fanbase, this past year having played with such artists as Celso Piña (Monterrey, Mexico), Bomba Estereo (Colombia), and Café Tacvba's Ruben Albarrans' new project Hoppo! In their short existence, Cumbia Tokeson has already been invited to share their sound at such places as Viva! Chicago's Latin Music Festival, Reventonazo (University of Madison), and Chalk the Block (Texas). They finished off 2011 by being invited to open for Ozomatli at The Fillmore in San Francisco and consequently were asked to play more shows with Ozomatli in such places as San Diego and The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Most recently they performed at Joshua Tree Music Festival in Southern California.



5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. The sounds are born from blending their Puerto Rican, Mexican, Salvadoran and Peruvian backgrounds with their love for Colombian music.
2. Their first show was in Oakland, CA, in 2010.
3. Their album "Chuchos, Vol. 1" is played on radio stations as far as New Jersey, Texas and Washington.
4. Ali works at Whole Foods Market in Santa Cruz, California.
5. His favorite cereal is Three Sisters Marshmallow Oaties.