It Is I


"It is I." consists of Edmund Sinnott (vocals and guitar), Daniel Laumbacher (drums and percussion), and Zachary Porlier (bass and vocals), who share a passion for fun, interesting and fresh music. Influenced by pop rock bands such as Third Eye Blind, Coldplay, The Killers and Keane, this group knows how to present accessible rock songs in unique ways. Edmund and Zachary met in the fall of 2005, as both members were looking for new musical collaborators in the Chicagoland suburbs. The band evolved in the years following that, switching frequently from a rock heavy sound to a pop-influenced sound. In 2008, Edmund met Daniel at North Central College and the current lineup of "It is I." began. Since their inception, "It is I." has not only released their official debut EP, "Madeleine," they have also toured extensively around the Midwest and are constantly at work on new material.


Definitely MUTEMATH! One of the most energetic and amazing live acts we've seen.

5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. Ed and Zach from "It is I." met each other on Myspace when they were both 15. Zach now works at the Naperville, IL, Whole Foods Market®.
2. The band once played an all-ages show where the drummer had to act as an adult chaperone, as the show was one chaperone short from being shut down.
3. The band went through many names in their seven years together, including "Corduroy" (an homage to the children's book with the same name; a heart-wrenching story of losing oneself, alienation, and then finding it again.)
4. Two of the three band members are left-handed (which is a statistically astounding fact, considering only about 10% of the population is).
5. The band once played at the Bamboozle Road Show in Milwaukee with Third Eye Blind (one of our biggest musical influences). We awkwardly walked past the drummer in the parking lot, trying not to geek out too much.