Mine All Mine


Emerging from a diverse music scene equipped with a medley of genres, Mine All Mine has risen out of sunny south Florida, adding a darker wave to indie rock. Playing together since early high school, Allen , Manny and Jon have created a signature beat-driven tempo complemented by an array of superlative guitar riffs that have molded what is today Mine All Mine. With two EPs released, several nationwide tours under their belts and a dedicated hometown following, there is still much to be anticipated as they continue to set the bar higher in the studio and in live performances. MAM has taken their energetic act to a larger stage, playing alongside some amazing acts such as We The Kings, Chiodos, Ra Ra Riot, Say Anything and the Vans Warped Tour. The release of their latest single, "Dangerous," has them searching for opportunities to expand their fan base, make records for every type of person to enjoy and hit the road for the long haul. The band remains on a constant quest to evolve and challenge themselves as musicians and human beings.



5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. Based out of Miami, FL, MAM has a diverse background shown individually in each member.
2. The name "Mine All Mine" was thought of while sitting on a billboard next to a major interstate in Orlando, FL.
3. The five members have an extensive amount of influences ranging from hip hop and rock to electronic, folk, jazz and blues.
4. Allen, the bass player and Whole Foods Market Team Member, works at the Coral Gables, FL store and is able to carry out his dream of playing music while maintaining a full time position thanks to the open minded approach of Whole Foods Market as a company.
5. Mine All Mine is a group of best friends, Allen, Jesus, Jon, Alex and Manny.