Sad Accordions


Sad Accordions began as a project in Houston, TX, between two friends, Seth Woods and Ben Lance, who shared a love of music and quickly realized each other's talents. After relocating to Austin, additional members were added to the band: bass player Lee Kitchens, lap steel genius Peter Kusek, and Nathaniel Gallagher on drums. Pete eventually moved away, and Joy Gallagher joined the band, more than rounding out the lineup by taking on the multiple tasks of keyboard and guitar. The band recorded "A Bad Year for the Sharons" in 2006. The recording encompasses and expresses the band's love for a multitude of sounds in music, with the use of brass instruments, violins, cello, clarinet and various other effects. The songs drift seamlessly throughout the record, creating a daydream-influenced musical landscape that lasts for what feels like well-spent hours. "The Colors and The Kill," a six song EP, was released in May 2011. Recorded and mixed by Andrew Hernandez (Balmorhea, Tiny Vipers, Sleep Whale), it marks a creative milestone in the band's career, as well as a new direction, with more of a focus on collective song writing and collaboration. The band also just released a split 12" on vinyl with Austin band, Monahans.


Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings

5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. Joy works at Whole Foods Market's national office as a designer.
2. Their favorite place to play in Austin is the Carousel Lounge.
3. They used to be called "Seth Woods and the Sad Accordians," but dropped the first part when they realized Seth had been spelling "accordions" wrong the whole time.
4. They just celebrated their 8-year anniversary as a band!
5. Joy and Nathaniel had their first baby, Noah Gallagher, this year and they're thinking about getting him to play the rattle or the theramin.