Sourhand was formed in 1998. Since then they have played countless gigs with many a great band, some signed and mainstream, and others not so. Sourhand is: Adrian Calvio (lead singer and guitartist); Matt Rigdon (bass player); Drew McEwen (drummer); and Kris Nelson (guitar and backing vocals). The band's style/influences range from Toad the Wet Sprocket to Tonic to Foo Fighters. Somewhere right in there you will find them sonically. The best thing about Sourhand is that they always have fun and a good laugh no matter what the case or the cause. Their love of music and understanding that it does not have only one formula helps give them a unique sound. The four consider themselves band brothers; musically they know and understand each other better than most and make Sourhand one of the best live bands you can see.



5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. Adrian is a Professor of Sociology at Howard College and a marathon runner.
2. Drew is a lawyer in Austin, TX.
3. Matt has worked for Whole Foods Market since 1996, currently Global Gift Card Support in Austin, TX.
4. Kris has been with Whole Foods Market since 1987, currently Global Data Specialist in Austin, TX.
5. Adrian, Matt and Drew grew up together in Big Spring, TX.