The Welcome


After their acoustic project dissolved in the spring of 2010, Gehring Miller and Sarah Johnson went their separate ways. Sarah moved to Florida, while Gehring formed The Welcome in order to perform a louder, more rock n' roll set of songs he had been working on. That following September, Gehring began recording and self-releasing an EP a month, all the while documenting the process online. By the time Sarah returned to Chicago and joined the band in May 2011, Gehring had merged the two projects. The Welcome was releasing music each month, with September 2011 seeing their final release as part of the project. What had begun as a pieced-together group of musicians was becoming a family, with the notable presence of longtime collaborator, Jonah Kort.

This past March, The Welcome released the 5-song EP "Honey, Honey," the product of several months spent honing a sound. With dynamic guy-girl vocals, a healthy dose of loud hooks and unrelenting melodies, The Welcome is here to politely rock out while leaving you humming for days. After recently returning from a brief Midwestern tour in support of their EP, The Welcome is writing new material for a follow-up release, due out at the end of 2012.


Include Regina Spektor, K'naan, and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. Both Sarah and Jonah are Whole Foods Market Team Members in Chicago. Sarah works at the Gold Coast store in Customer Service and Jonah works at the Lincoln Park store in Prepared Foods. They are both vegan.
2. Gehring's pet schnauzer-poodle (schnoodle), Douglas is the unofficial band mascot and can be seen in several band photos.
3. Gehring, Sarah and Jonah like to ride their bicycles together, especially to and from band practice.
4. Each band member has a tattoo of an arrow, in different sizes and different locations on their arms.
5. Gehring can drink a 12-ounce glass of water in under 3 seconds.