Trash Pop Icons


The Trash Pop Icons are sisters Naomi and Nadia Zep. Formerly fronting one of the San Francisco Bay Area's top bands, Letters Make Words, the duo wanted to start a project that was more fun and allowed them to be more true to themselves. The girls describe "trash pop" as a fine mix of rock and pop with just enough rhythm to make you want to dance. The Icons have made their mark with their dueling vocals, catchy melodies and charismatic stage presence. They are definitely not your average rocker chicks, with their fun loving attitudes and determination to "rule the world" (as they sing about in The Villain Song) they are bound to get your attention.


The Script

5 things YOU OUGHTA KNOW about the band:

1. Naomi and Nadia are sisters, but not twins.
2. They both work for Whole Foods Market in San Francisco.
3. The sisters have been making music for over 10 years!
4. They were chosen from over 2,500+ bands to play Vans Warped Tour '08.
5. Voted one of the top 10 Bay Area bands by top radio station LIVE 105 two years in a row!